The Holy Hills of Imerina
Ny Tendrombohitra Masina ao Imerina

    The number and identity of the holy hills of Imerina vary according to authors. There is unanimity that the following places are indeed holy hills:
Alasora Ambohidrabiby Ambohidratrimo
Ambohimanga Analamanga Antsahadinta
Ilafy Imerimanjaka Kaloy
Sources: Oberlé, Andrianavoarivony, Antsahadinta pamphlet

There is no unanimity concerning the following places:

Place Sources
Ambohijoky Antsahadinta pamphlet
Ampandrana Oberlé
Ambohimanambola Oberlé
Iharanandriana Andrianavoarivony, Antsahadinta pamphlet
Imerimandroso Oberlé, Andrianavoarivony,

According to Andrianaivoarivony:

Three criteria define a holy hill in Imerina:
1.1 a burial place for princes and kings
1.2 a place to pay tribute to princes and kings
1.3 a residence of one of Andrianampoinimerina's official wives

Four criteria identify the personnality of the holy hills:
2.1 hills of a relatively important altitude above the surrounding rice fields
2.2 hills having or having had a fort (rova)
2.3 hills having one or more tombs of princes or kings, and other relics still attracting pilgrims
2.4 hills having royal or princely housing, or a public meeting plazza (kianja)