Entry ay
Part of speech   interjection [list]
Malagasy definition   Eny, ampiasaina raha ohatra ka misy miteny zavatra amin'ny teny ka manaiky azy [Betsimisaraka] [Rakotosaona 1972]
English translation   An expression of like or dislike, gladness, or astonishment. Nay, not [Provincial] [Richardson 1885]

Entry ay
Part of speech   noun
Malagasy definition   Aina [Antesaka, Tanosy] [Rakotosaona 1972]
French translation   Vie, corps [Antesaka] [Deschamps 1936]
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Entry ay
Part of speech   adverb [list]
Malagasy definition   Aiza [Bara] [Rakotosaona 1972]
Synonyms   aia

Entry -ay
Part of speech   pronoun [list]
Malagasy definition   Mpisolo anarana misolo olona fanao tovan [...] [full text in Rajemisa: Rakibolana]
English translation   Our, ours; by us. Not including the person addressed. Compare -ntsika. Rainay [ray]. Our father. Alefanay [lefa]. Set free by us.
¶ When added to trisyllabic words ending in -ka or -tra, the n is rejected. Satrokay [satroka]. Our hat. Fantratray [fantratra]. Known by us.
¶ -ay: contraction of -nay after words ending in -ka or -tra, as satrokay, our hat; fantatray, known by us. [Richardson 1885]
   Our; done by us (exclusive) [Hallanger 1973]
French translation   Suffixe, excluant les personnes à qui l'on parle. Notre, nos, de nous, par nous. Ny tranonay: notre maison. Hiatnay: vu par nous. Amboninay: au-dessus de nous. [Abinal 1888]
   Nos, de nous, par nous (exclusif). [Rajaonarimanana 1995]
   à nous, notre; fait par nous (exclusif). [Hallanger 1974]

Entry Ay
Part of speech   name (biblical)
Malagasy definition   Ay [Baiboly]
English translation   Ai [Baiboly]
French translation   [Baiboly]
Examples   Dia niakatra ny olona ka nisafo an'i Ay. [Baiboly: Josoa 7:2]
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