Malagasy Dictionary and Encyclopedia of Madagascar

Everything known about all Malagasy words

This website contains the largest collection of Malagasy words and expressions ever assembled, as well as many facts and illustrations about Madagascar.

It is available free of charge on the worldwide web. It does not make advertisements.

To find a word:

  • browse the many lists provided at the top of the page, or
  • type in the input field at the top of the page a Malagasy, English or French word.

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Contents of the web site

92 000 Malagasy words (How are they counted?)
13 000 Malagasy expressions
12 000 English words
25 000 French words
50 Italian words (experimental)
20 German words (experimental)
2 Russian words (experimental)
4 000 acronyms, symbols, marks, abbreviations, etc.
1 000 toponymes
600 anthroponyms
8 000 proverbs
1 000 illustrations

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