Entry sadabe (sada, be)
Part of speech noun
English definition Sadabe (pronounced sah-dah-BAY) is the local name for the diademed sifaka (Propithecus diadema) – the largest of ten lemur species found at Tsinjoarivo. Its coat colour is a stunning combination of white, black and orange – a unique combination among primates. []
Scientific name Propithecus diadema
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Entry Sadabe (sada, be)
Part of speech name (toponym) [full list]
Toponymy sada, be

Part of speech noun (symbol)
English definition SADABE is a non-governmental organization (NGO) formed by scientists working in Tsinjoarivo, who wanted to help the local people who had hosted and facilitated their research []
French definition SADABE est une organisation non-governmentale (ONG) qui a été créée par trois chercheurs travaillant à Tsinjoarivo, qui voulaient aider la populations locale qui les ont accueilli et ont facilité leur projets de recherche []