Entry iny
Part of speech pronoun [full list]
Malagasy definition Enti-manondro olona na zavatra tokana lavitra dia lavitra, zara raha taza-maso: Handalo any amintsika mantsy izao iny vorona iny. Matetika koa anefa ny iny dia enti-manondro zavatra akaiky eny an-tanan' ilay olona itenenana mihitsy: Omeo ahy kely aza fady iny boky aminao iny [Rajemisa 1985]
English translation that [Richardson 1885, Hallanger 1973]
 this. It is always used of something thoroughly known to both speaker and spoken to. It is also used when giving anythig to a peson [Richardson 1885]
French translation ce, cet, cette [Abinal 1888, Hallanger 1974]
 celui-là, celle-là. Détermine aussi un temps passé [Abinal 1888]
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