Entry dera
Part of speech noun
Malagasy definition Voninahitra, laza: Dera ho an' Andriamanitra lalandava [Rajemisa 1985]
English definition praise [Richardson 1885, Hallanger 1973]
 fame, honour, celebrity. See da, laza, voninahitra, zo [Richardson 1885]
French definition éloge, louange [Abinal 1888, Hallanger 1974]
Synonyms da ~ laza ~ voninahitra
Examples Mahavery azy ny filan-dera (L'amour des louanges le perd) [Abinal 1888, page 98]

Entry dera
Part of speech noun
English definition cotton or linen drill [Eng. drill] [Richardson 1885]
Origin English: drill.

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