Entry fiara
Part of speech noun
Malagasy definition Filanjana misy takoboka
¶ Zavatra fitondrana an-tanety na anaty rano. [Rajemisa 1985]
English definition an open palanquin adorned with scarlet in which the sovereign is carried
¶ a ship
¶ the sacred ark of Scripture
¶  [Provincial] the seats or moveable deck of a lakam-piara [Richardson 1885]
 vehicle [Hallanger 1973]
French definition véhicule [Hallanger 1974, SLP 1986]
 automobile, voiture [SLP 1986]
Compound words, titles, names 

Entry fiara
Part of speech noun
English definition  [Betsileo] a palm [Richardson 1885]
French definition  [Betsimisaraka, Merina] (de fiara : brancard, tout ce qui sert à porter) Surtout les pétioles séchés des feuilles de rafia, Raphia ruffia Mart. (Arecaceae). [Boiteau 1997]
Scientific name Raphia ruffia