Entry dilana
Part of speech   noun
Malagasy definition   Lempona na keoka eo afovoany; faritra ke [...] [full text in Rajemisa 1985]
English translation   the slender and middle part of any long thing, as a chandelier, a cup, a defile in a mountain, a gorge, or a forest; small in the middle [Richardson 1885]
Malagasy definition   lempona lalina sady ety anelanelan'ny havoana roa [SLP: Voambolana]
French translation   couloir
¶ encoche, étranglement [SLP: Voambolana]
Compound words, titles, names  
Toponymy   Place names having the word dilana (3): Ambinanidilana, Andilamavo, Andilana

Updated on 2013/01/25