Entry voany (any)
Part of speech past participle
Explanations in English prepared, as yarn on the four sticks for the loom [Richardson 1885]
Explanations in French ourdi [Abinal 1888]

Entry voany (voa)
Part of speech noun voa and pronoun
Explanations in English his fruit(s), her fruit(s), its fruit(s), their fruit(s) [3.1]
Explanations in French son fruit, ses fruits, leur fruit(s) [3.1]

Entry voany (voa)
Part of speech passive verb voa and pronoun
Explanations in English hit by him, hit by her, hit by it, hit by them [3.1]
Explanations in French atteint par lui / elle / eux [3.1]

Updated on 2020/07/31