Entry fatidra (fatitra, ra)
Part of speech   noun
Malagasy definition   fomba atao amin' ny alalan' ny fatitra i [...]
¶ sakaiza na namana mifankatia fatratra: < [...] [full text in Rajemisa 1985]
English translation   [ fati-dra ] blood brotherhood; the ceremony of entering into a mutual and solemn pledge of friendship or brotherhood. It is performed by each party partaking of a small piece of liver, etc., mixed with the blood of the other party. [Richardson 1885]
   the ceremony of blood brotherhood [Hallanger 1973]
French translation   parenté de sang; cérémonie pour marquer cette parenté [Hallanger 1974]
French translation   alliance par le sang [SLP: Voambolana]
Analogy   fanange ~ sakarivo

Updated on 2016/03/30