Entry anjavidy
Part of speech   noun
Malagasy definition   Karazan-javamaniry salasalany maniry betsaka eny an-tampon-tanety tsy vonton' ny erika ary fanao kitay tsara firehitra mipoapoaka [Rajemisa 1985]
English definition   a kind of heath-used largely for fuel, as it gives great heat but little smoke. Philippia floribunda, Bth. [Richardson 1885]
   a heather that grows on worthless land [Hallanger 1973]
French definition   l'ambaville de Maurice et de Bourbon, bruyère. Hubertia ambavilla, ou Senecia ambavilla [Abinal 1888]
   une bruyère qui pousse sur les mauvaises terres [Hallanger 1974]
Scientific name   Hubertia ambavilla, Philippia floribunda, Seneca ambavilla
Compound words, titles, names  

Updated on 2017/06/29