Entry hariva
Part of speech   noun
Malagasy definition   Ny tapak' andro ihilanan' ny masoandro m [...] [full text in Rajemisa 1985]
English translation   the evening [Richardson 1885]
   the afternoon, the evening [Hallanger 1973]
French translation   l'après midi, le soir [Hallanger 1974]
Compound words, titles, names  

Entry hariva
Part of speech   adjective
Malagasy definition   Folaka: Hariva ny andro
¶ Amin' ny hariva, tratra aoriana: Tong [...] [full text in Rajemisa 1985]

Entry hariva
Part of speech   passive verb
Malagasy definition   Tazonina ela hatramin' ny hariva: Har [...] [full text in Rajemisa 1985]

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