Entry FFKM
Part of speech   noun (acronym) [list]
English translation   "Council of Christian Churches of Madagascar". The FFKM was founded in 1980 to bring together the Catholic church and the major Protestant churches of Madagascar. It played an important role in the transition from the Democratic Republic of Madagascar to the Third Republic. In August and December 1990, it convened assemblies of political groups to discuss the reform of the political system. When groups supporting the regime refused to attend, the assemblies turned into gatherings of opposition forces. In the political crisis of the summer of 1991, the FFKM at first attempted to mediate between President Ratsiraka and the opposition Comité des Forces Vives, but after the massacre of demonstrators at the presidential palace of Iavoloha, it sided definitely with the opposition and participated in the negotiations that led to the power-sharing agreement of October 31, 1991. [Covell: Historical]
French translation   Sigle de Fiombonan' ny Fiangonana Kri [...] [full text in Rajaonarimanana 1995]
Analogy   acronyms

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