Entry akorany (akora)
Part of speech   noun akora and pronoun
Malagasy definition   fonon' ny atody, izay mitovy toetra amin [...] [full text in Rajemisa 1985]
   zavatra tsy voahodina [SLP: Voambolana]
English translation   a shell; a shell-fish. [Vocabulary: Zoology: invertebrates]
¶ an emptied cocoon. [Vocabulary: Zoology: invertebrates]
¶ a bamboo which is to be made into a musical instrument, the sound of which somewhat resembles that of a guitar; the strings are formed by separating strips from the body of the bamboo, leaving them attached at each end; these strings are tuned by moveable bridges. See valiha. [Vocabulary: Music: instruments]
¶ also a name for bullion [Richardson 1885]
French translation   la coque d'une chose [Abinal 1888]
French translation   brut [SLP: Voambolana]

Updated on 2016/05/17