Entry ihaorana (haotra)
Part of speech relative verb
Explanations in English  [1.2]
 To be rubbed against [1.7]
Explanations in French  [1.3]
 Contre quoi (qui) on se frotte [1.8]
Present : ihaorana, ihaorako, ihaoranao, ihaorany, ihaorantsika, ihaoranay, ihaoranareo, ihaoran', ihaoran-, ihaoram-, ihaora-
Past : nihaorana, nihaorako, nihaoranao, nihaorany, nihaorantsika, nihaoranay, nihaoranareo, nihaoran', nihaoran-, nihaoram-, nihaora-
Future : hihaorana, hihaorako, hihaoranao, hihaorany, hihaorantsika, hihaoranay, hihaoranareo, hihaoran', hihaoran-, hihaoram-, hihaora-
Imperative : ihaory


Updated on 2023/01/20