Entry forambana
Part of speech adjective
Explanations in English Ruined, destroyed, burnt. [1.2]
Explanations in French Ruiné, consumé [1.3]
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Entry forambana
Part of speech noun
Explanations in Malagasy Karazan-javamaniry any anaty rano [1.1]
Explanations in English An aquatic herb [1.2]
Explanations in French Plante aquatique dont on nourrit les canards [1.3]
  [Merina] (vient de firambana) Utricularia ecklonii Spreng. et Utricularia exoleta R. Br. (Lentibulariaceae). Petites herbes aquatiques. Employées pour la nourriture des oies et des canards. [1.196]
Scientific name Utricularia ecklonii, Utricularia exoleta
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Updated on 2020/07/31