Entry 1/4 fangy
Part of speech noun
Explanations in English A piece of bamboo used for carrying water. (Prov.) [1.2]
Explanations in French  [Tankarana] Bambou-flacon ; bambou pour porter de l'eau, comne lañànana ; eau ; liqueur. [1.19]

Entry 2/4 fangy
Part of speech particule [full list]
Explanations in Malagasy Saingy [1.1]
Explanations in English A particle sometimes used as introductory to conversation. See fanga, sangy [1.2]

Entry 3/4 fangy
Part of speech conjunction [full list]
Explanations in English But, but yet [1.2]

Entry 4/4 fangy
Part of speech noun
Explanations in French  [Sakalava] Phyllanthus nummulariifolius Poir. (Phyllanthaceae). Censé marquer les endroits où l'on peut aller puiser l'eau. [1.196]
Scientific name Phyllanthus nummulariifolius

Updated on 2020/07/31